Wall Mounted Aquariums

Anyone looking for wall mounted aquariums has finally found the right place for information about these wonderful ways to decorate any home or office.  A wall mounted aquarium is something that is not seen very often, so will pleasantly surprise visitors for years to come.

What are wall mounted aquariums?
Wall mounted aquariums are quite simple really.  They are basically a fish tank that has been designed for installation directly on a wall.  Most fish tanks are supported by a stand and sit in front of a wall – but not wall aquariums!  No more is it necessary to use up valuable floor space if one wants to keep freshwater or marine species of fish.

Some of the best brands of custom wall mounted aquariums are made of tempered or semi-tempered glass.  This helps improve the strength and resist breakage, improving safety.  Wall fish tanks are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and color finishes.  They can be purchased as small as two to three feet wide and some companies can make them large enough to span the whole length of a wall!  With all the color and size combinations available, and with many companies being able to make custom fish tanks that can be installed on a wall there is no doubt that most people should be able to find a design that will suit them.

Are wall mounted aquariums wide enough?
For various reasons, a wall aquarium can’t be as wide as a standard fish tank.  Regular tanks can be as deep as two feet (or more for custom aquarium designs).  A typical wall aquarium is about 6″ wide.  This helps allow many of these fish tanks to be installed on regular stud walls without worrying about the weight limitations of the wall being exceeded.  It is always important to check with the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper installation because of this factor.

Why buy a wall aquarium?
Let’s face it, any custom fish tank is likely to be more costly than standard aquariums.  It is almost always true that the benefits outweigh the added costs.  Wall mounted aquariums are great focal points in any room!  The tranquility of flowing water, live plants, and swimming fish helps many people relax and wash away the stress of a busy day.

Some example aquariums are listed below:

Aquadex AD-500: This wall mounted aquarium is 40″ by 20″ by 6″ wide.  Made out of glass, it comes with a background decoration with the image of a green plant and white stone.  The sturdy frame is made out of stainless steel.  Accessories include the heater, lighting, pump, and filter medium.  Also included are cleaning supplies, fish food, and a net.  This ~16 gallon model weighs approximately 100 lbs.

Betta Wall Fish Tank: This acrylic betta bowl makes a cute little addition to any wall.  The perfect size for a bathroom or kid’s bedroom, the half-sphere 1 gallon design provides room for the fish to swim freely.  With the help of just one screw, this tank is easily installed.  Get creative with multiple tanks and make some fun patterns on the wall for friends and co-workers to admire!

Panoramic Aussie Wall Mounted Aquarium: This fish tank has an interesting brushed aluminum frame.  It is almost 70″ long and 4.5″ wide, allowing it to hold more than 10 gallons of water.  Imagine how great it would look with a school of guppies or other small livebearer fish!

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