Custom Aquarium Tips

There are many reasons people are interested in buying a custom aquarium.  Whether it is because of the desire to have a unique aquarium design or because a room has a special shape that the custom aquarium needs to fit in, the value of this type of fish tank is clear.  There are some important things to consider when ordering such a fish tank.

Choose the right Custom Aquarium Manufacturer
It is not hard for just about anyone to setup a fish tank in a home or office room.  Pretty much anyone would be able to find a basic tank and stand, add water and accessories, and throw in some fish all the while happily accepting your hard earned money in return.  This is not the ideal situation.  If someone is accepting money to install custom aquariums, then they should be able to over-perform.  Look for someone who has extensive experience in setting up custom install jobs, including the ability to handle the installation of sumps and either freshwater or marine tanks with any additional plumbing that is needed.  If they can’t do this, they might not be worth the hassle it could be to deal with them.

Custom Aquarium Considerations
There is a good deal of physics that comes into play when determining if a custom aquarium design will be safe.  If the glass isn’t thick enough, or if the shape won’t adequately support the continual weight and stress of the water and rocks in the fish tank, then the design is not adequate.  An experienced manufacturer should understand the vital equations and be able to help in the design process.  A lazy or cheap manufacturer might lead to disaster if a fish tank cracks or leaks water onto expensive furniture and flooring.

Proper Choice of Fish Tank Inhabitants

If the person designing and installing any custom aquariums ordered is also going to be responsible for stocking the tank and maintaining it, they should have a strong understanding of the main species available.  With saltwater tanks especially, it is important to know which species are amicably kept with each other.  Some marine fish and invertebrates are rather costly and it would be a shame to waste money on a fish only to find that it has been eaten by a predatory tankmate!

The same is true for freshwater fish.  For example, many cichlids are best kept with other fish of the same size and temperament.  Larger cichlids tend to eat anything that will fit into their mouth.  One can quickly appreciate how delicate these artificial ecosystems can be and how important it is to choose a good assortment of fish that will thrive in a community aquarium.

Custom Aquarium Maintenance
Some custom aquarium companies offer a service that includes all the regular maintenance needed to keep the fish healthy.  This can be a huge time-saver for the owner, and can go a long way towards saving money.  If fish are kept in a good state of health, then they shouldn’t need to be replaced.  Over time, an owner that is new to the fish tank hobby can learn the ropes by watching how the aquarium cleaning and maintenance is performed and might want to consider taking over the ropes, but initially it might be best to let the professionals take care of this aspect!

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