Aquarium Design Options

When it comes to aquarium design, there are some wacky and wonderful fish tanks available that can be used as inspiration to help draw up a fun tank that will be enjoyed for many years.  Whether a fish tank is designed to fit a particular location in a room or more for the sheer pleasure of having something that will act as a center piece that visitors will be marveled by, a custom fish tank with a fun shape is something many people consider.  Depending on the final shape and size, unique fish tanks don’t have to be much more expensive than their standard counterparts.

When coming up with an aquarium design, it is always a good idea to talk to a manufacturer early on in the process.  This can help avoid being upset if your plans are unrealistic with regards to what can be safely made.  Afterall, the freshwater or saltwater fish tank is no good if it cracks or leaks because it lacks proper structural support. Fortunately, modern equipment allows for several options for extremely unique designs.  Here are a few to get your thought process started:

Fish Bridge / Aquarium Tunnel

The fish brigde is perhaps one of the most interesting novelties in the aquarium hobby.  This design relies upon factors related to gravity and suction to allow for a fully functional water bridge/tunnel connecting two separate fish tanks.  The water stays up in the tunnel even though it can be way above the waterline of the tanks themselves.  Fish are able to swim freely from one tank to the other.  Imagine cleaning a contraption such as this?  It would be well worth the wow factor!

Fish N Flush Aquarium Toilet Tank

The Fish N Flush fish tank toilet is both functional and a work of art.  In this wonderful aquarium design, the fish tank doubles as the whole back of the toilet.  Whenever the toilet is flushed, the water is kept separate from the fish’s water.  Some other companies have designs where flushing actually replaces water into the aquarium.  Your fish will have a continually fresh supply of water – and you have something to amuse you when in the bathroom!  Aquarium toilets are best suited to cold water species such as goldfish.

Coffee Table Aquarium Design
So – you want a fun fish tank that doubles as a piece of furniture (but remains outside your bathroom).  What better option than to consider designing a coffee table aquarium.  These fish tanks typically keep a low profile but are wide and long.  They provide ample surface area for aerating the water.  The tops can be made of glass and have special slots or holes for feeding the fish, yet remain fully functional as a coffee table.  Removeable table tops also allow for easy cleaning.

The Wall Aquarium Design
What better way to save space yet keep a fanstastic and unique fish tank?  The wall aquarium is actually housed within an interior wall of a house or office.  Thin designs allow for the tank to be seen from both sides.  Other types actually have larger tanks that site flush with a wall but jutting into a storage room that allows big fish to be kept.  The deep tank within a wall will certainly be a conversation piece!

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to aquarium designs.  Talk to a manufacturer once you have some basic ideas and in no time you will have a fun fish tank in your home!

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