Acrylic Aquarium

Deciding on a unique home for your fish requires a few special considerations. One of the first choices to make is what basic material your custom fish tank will be made from.

When it comes to custom fish tanks, the benefits of an acrylic aquarium (over a glass fish tank) are well understood. As a material, acrylic is many times stronger than glass, is softer and more flexible, and is able to resist impacts better than glass. These are not the only benefits. Because of the combination of these factors, fish tanks made out of this material can resist cracking and chipping more easily than those made from glass.

Unlike with other methods of producing a tropical fish tank, acrylic does not require seams at the corners. This is due to the fact that an acrylic aquarium can be made from one solid piece of acrylic. Also, if seams are necessary, they are actually bonded at the molecular level making them much stronger than silicon or rubber joints!

Finally, unlike their glass counterparts, acrylic fish tanks do not have a green tint. Sometimes, they may take on a slight blue tinge, but this should seem more natural in an aquatic ecosystem. Clearly, the decision about what type of materials will become the basis of an aquarium is an important decision to make!

Some Acrylic Aquarium Products

Some of the more common acrylic aquarium products (which may or may not be custom made) include:

BiOrb Acrylic Fish Tank: The BiOrb acrylic aquarium is a hot product on the market today. They are some of the most interestingly designed fish tanks. These come in a variety of neat shapes including spheres (hence “orb” in the name), cubes, and cylinders. Offered in sizes generally ranging from 4 to 16 gallons, they will fit into any space in a home or office. They are designed for easy long term maintenance – apart from regular water changes most of the maintenance involves a simple filter change! BiOrb fish tanks make use of intelligent lighting systems that can have up to 7 different settings to mimic the changes in quality and quantity of light in a fish’s natural habitat.

Clarity Plus Bowfront Acrylic Aquarium: Bowfront tanks really do offer a unique take on aquarium design. The sides and back are all made of flat glass, but the front is bowed out. This effectively increases the capacity of the fish tank without adding much to the overall footprint of the aquarium. The bowed side also gives an illusion of more depth. Made with SeaClear acrylic, the aquariums are light, strong, and can safely hold both fresh- or saltwater setups.

Wave Acrylic Aquarium: Now here is something that could not be made out of glass! The wave aquarium is a unique spin off of a bowfront tank. The front edge is actually formed in an S-curve – something friends and family are not likely to have seen before! Better yet, these custom fish tanks are available in sizes of 90 gallons or more so you can easily house large fish in them.

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